Plastic Gift Card Printing


Plastic Card Printing Cost
Full Color Plastic Gift Cards
(includes numbering, barcodes or magnetic stripes)

30mil is credit card thickness.
All printing includes full color on both sides.
30mil Plastic Gift Card Holders

Plastic Card Printing Cost

Full Color Plastic Business Cards
30mil is credit card thickness. We also offer 20mil and 12mil.
All printing includes full color on both sides.
30mil Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Gift Card Printing and Custom Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Card Experts specializes in high quality, low cost full color plastic gift card printing and plastic business card printing.

Our Plastic Cards are always printed with FULL COLOR on both BOTH SIDES on either thick 30mil ( hard plastic card ) or thinner 12mil ( plastic business card thickness ) with rounded corners.

We offer many plastic card printing services to add to your order:

Plastic Gift Card Printing
Plastic Business Card Printing
Magnetic Stripes
Barcode Cards
Embossed Names or Numbers (silver or gold)
Metallic Foil Stamping (silver, gold, and more)
Variable Data
Scratch Off Spots and Prizes or Promo Codes

  Custom Plastic Gift Card Printing with FREE Graphic Design

Donelli Plastic Card Highlanders Plastic Card
Magic of Giving Plastic Card Sweet Steam Plastic Card


Wholesale prices on full color plastic card printing...

Graphic Design Services

Call us at 818-799-3934 or just email the design team directly at with your request.

Plastic Card Options



The Custom Plastic Gift Card Printing Experts

We specialize in creating custom gift cards and custom plastic cards for our customers. Our plastic cards are 30mil PVC, on hard plastic. Including hard plastic business cards.

Many of our customers come back to us again and again because of our FREE Graphic Design services, and for the beautiful full color custom printed plastic cards we produce for them.

We create everything from your standard hard plastic business card, to more advanced solutions like magnetic stripes or bacode cards that can be used as a plastic gift card.

Whatever the needs of your business for plastic cards, we can certainly provide a solution and will handle all the graphics work for you at no charge.

Contact our friendly sales team today at 818-799-3934.

Get your next free custom plastic card design started today!

Full Color Plastic Gift Cards

We offer complete solutions for businesses to have their own custom full color plastic gift cards. Our gift cards come complete with barcodes and/or magnetic stripes if needed to operate on your processing system. We can also do simple numbering on the cards if you wish to use them more like a basic gift card voucher or gift certificate except in the form of a plastic gift card.

Plastic gift cards are versatile, and customers tend to hold onto them which makes them extremely valueable to businesses. They give customers a way to promote your business to friends and family. Also most customers tend to come in and spend the value of the gift card and then some, thus promoting an increase in sales when you offer plastic gift cards to your customers.

Our plastic gift cards, are completely customized for each order. We will design a full color card (front and back) for your business at NO EXTRA CHARGE! We can take your logo, and will blend together with the right images, photos and text to make a plastic gift card you will be truly impressed with, and so will your customers!

Magnetic Stripes for Plastic Gift Cards

When creating custom plastic gift cards with magnetic stripes, it is important that we verify a few pieces of information so that they will work on you card swiping system. First we must know which tracks the data will be stored on. Plastic gift cards will have the magnetic stripe data strored on track 1 2 or 3. We also need to know if the magnetic card will be Hi-Co or Lo-Co. Most of the time our customers are using a system that accepts the newer Hi-Co stripes. Last we need to know what numbers or data will be put the magnetic stripe. This could be as simple as a series of numbers from 000001 to 001000 or more complex strings of data with alphabetical characters as well. If you are unsure about this information, it is best to consult your credit card processor before printing plastic gift cards with us.

Some companies will release the information we need, and some will not. It all depends on the company you work with. We can create plastic gift cards that will work on your system, as long as we know the correct information!

Barcodes for Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards can be created with a variety of barcodes. The most common types of barcodes are Type 39, Type 128 or UPC-A barcodes. We can also provide other types of barcodes on demand if you require something not listed on our web site.

Barcodes for plastic gift cards can also include unique numbering printed under the barcodes to be readable by the human eye. This helps if you have to hand key in a number, or for simple quick identification purposes by simply reading the number on the card.

Full Color Plastic Business Cards

Many businesses also turn to us to print full color plastic business cards. These cards stand out as being unique, and also are super durable in wallets, purses... and will never ever get stained or wet! No more bent edges either. In fact, people just tend to often hold onto a plastic business card longer than they would your typical paper business card.

Plastic business cards also are more vibrant in terms of color, and make a great plastic gift card as well as your business card, all rolled into one!

If you would like to get a plastic business card design started today FREE of charge, simply email our design team at with your logo and concept so that we can begin work right away!

Or if you have questions, and need to speak to a friendly expert... please call us at 818-799-3934 to contact one of our designers or sales team!

Plastic Card Printing Cost

Our plastic card printing cost is lower than other companies, because of our high volume and lower cost for purchasing materials. We are able to pass these lower plastic card printing cost savings along to the customer. Custom printed plasltic cards shouldn't be too expensive. Despite being on a different material than paper, we think it should still be an affordable printing solution. If you are seeking a plastic card printing company that can keep your plastic card printing cost down, then we are a great solution for you!

Custom Plastic Printed Cards

Full color plastic cards have many applications. The two most common are custom plastic gift cards, and the other being custom plastic business cards. Either way, custom plastic printed cards are unique, durable and very useful to many companies. We can design for any use, and our plastic card printing cost is always the lowest in the industry. For these reasons, LA Plastic Card Printing is a top choice in the industry for custom plastic printed cards.




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